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Why Briar

Briar Capital Real Estate Fund is a nationwide, asset-based lender focused exclusively on providing owner-occupied, commercial real estate finance solutions. With both long-term amortization term loans and interest-only revolving lines of credit available, borrowers can tap into their real estate equity with little impact on cash flow while meeting their ever-changing working capital demands.

Briar Capital also pairs with other asset-based lenders and traditional banks to solve the most challenging credit situations. Plus, our focus on real estate allows borrowers to obtain new financing or even maintain their existing lending relationships secured by other assets which most commonly include accounts receivable, inventory and equipment.

  • We're not hard money, we do not want to own property
  • Flexible/customized solutions, not a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Nationwide provider
  • Non-regulated unlike a bank
  • Collateral-focused underwriting
  • Long-term amortizations to improve monthly cash flow
  • Transparency, we detail all costs
  • Long track record of success
  • Swift decision making
  • As a former ABL lender, we work well with your working capital debt provider

Our Story

Since 2003, Briar Capital has provided customized asset-based financing solutions for large and small businesses, particularly for those deemed non-bankable by others. 

Founded by Frank Goldberg, a banking industry veteran who built and sold two banks of his own, Briar Capital was always unique amongst its asset-based lending peers.  Besides providing the traditional asset-based lending fare of working capital financing secured by accounts receivable and inventory, the firm was one of the few to offer owner-occupied, commercial real estate financing. 

Among the increasingly crowded asset-based lending space, Briar Capital and its unique product mix emerged as a leading alternative to traditional commercial real estate lenders such as banks, the SBA and hard money lenders, particularly for those classified as asset-based borrowers.

After years of successfully providing both accounts receivable / inventory financing and commercial real estate term loans, Briar Capital decided to focus its efforts entirely on what it does best – delivering effective commercial real estate lending solutions to asset-based borrowers.

Today, Briar Capital Real Estate Fund is one of the nation’s only asset-based lenders catering exclusively to the real estate lending needs of asset-based borrowers providing them with both term and revolving lines of credit, all secured by owner-occupied commercial real estate.

With its sole focus on real estate, Briar Capital works with all traditional asset-based lenders who provide accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment financing.  Once a competitor of these lending institutions, Briar Capital is now a vital partner and receives a large majority of its referrals from them when one of their borrowers or prospects has a real estate financing need.        

Our Approach

Briar Capital’s approach differs greatly from a bank’s.  While a bank’s primary concern is debt service coverage and a company’s historical profitability, we focus on the real estate itself. 

Bank loans are often strict and riddled with loan covenants while our loans are designed around you and your specific business needs. Projecting a loss for the year?  Not an issue for us.   Need to make distributions?  No problem.  Recently filed for bankruptcy or owe money to the IRS?  We can help.

Our approach also differs significantly from that of a hard money lender.  While hard money is also focused on collateral, sometimes it is for the wrong reason – they wouldn’t mind owning it.  Not Briar Capital . . . we are in the lending business, not the property management business. 

Since our inception in 2003, Briar Capital has taken ownership of only one property, a foreclosure caused by the impact of a natural disaster.

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